KY Win Place Show

KY Win Place SHowWin Place Show is a new lottery game based on live horse racing results and is set to launch in August 2020 exclusively through the Kentucky Lottery. This groundbreaking game will be the first daily U.S. lottery-sports betting hybrid.

Following a highly successful trial run in March 2019, Win Place Show was initially set to begin statewide ticket sales in April 2020, but the date was pushed back due to the coronavirus outbreak.

How to Play Win Place Show

Win Place Show will be a three-number game with Quick Pick tickets. A different live race will be available to play every day.

How to Win

Players win a prize if their numbers match the numbers of the horses that finish in the top three in that day's race. There are three ways you can win:

The racetrack will announce the official results for each race. If the race is cancelled or one of your horses scratches, visit a select lottery retailer for a free replacement ticket.

To see if you've won a prize, visit this page after the daily race to check your numbers. The latest results will be posted here just after the race finishes.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Check the table to see the estimated chance of winning a first, second, or third prize depending on how many horses are racing.

First and second prizes are a cash payment - the amount depends on how large the prize pool is, based on ticket sales. Each prize pool is shared equally (pari-mutuel) if there are multiple winners on a tier.

Third prize is a free ticket.

Win Place Show Prizes and Odds of Winning
Number of Horses First Prize Second Prize Third Prize (free ticket)
4 1:24 1:5 -
5 1:60 1:12 -
6 1:120 1:24 -
7 1:210 1:42 1:17.50
8 1:336 1:67 1:22.40
9 1:504 1:101 1:28.00
10 1:720 1:144 1:34.29
11 1:990 1:198 1:41.25
12 1:1,320 1:264 1:48.89
13 1:1,716 1:343 1:57.20

Claiming Your Prize

The deadline to claim a prize is 180 days from the winning race date.

Players will need to present a valid original winning ticket as proof of their claim. Don't forget to sign the back of the ticket and keep it safe.